I’m a Boy Mom…

20170710_143547A boy mom keeps a potty chair in the middle of the toy room floor and a basketball hoop in the corner of the living room.

A boy mom decides breakfast for dinner sounds easy but goes through an entire loaf of bread and 18 eggs!  And Dad didn’t even eat!

A boy mom says things like “Ok, who peed in the tub?” or “No he absolutely may not answer ‘shart’ on his 100 things worksheet for kindergarten” or “Everybody put your guns away it’s time to head up for bed”.

20170710_143704-1A boy mom hears some commotion and comes upstairs to find the two little boys playing “the slipping game” which is exactly what it sounds like…two naked little boys fresh out of the bath slipping around in soapy bubbles dumped on the bathroom floor.

A boy mom must listen to detailed descriptions of “the weirdest dream” every single morning or watch obnoxious videos of lip-synching yoda or guess at who she thinks will win “a giant squid or a blue whale?”

A boy mom breaks up fights all day long and says things like “If you aren’t being kind then please just sit quietly” or “How important is it?” all the time.

A boy mom yells WAY MORE than she ever thought she would.

A boy mom laughs WAY MORE than she ever thought she would.

I am so grateful to be a boy mom!

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