James on Syria…

We did a little fundraiser to help Syrian refugees this winter.  We looked at some pictures of those we were attempting to help and I think it made an impact.

Today in the car James said, “Mom I think those people in Syria just want to live somewhere safe.”  I nodded, watching his face in the rearview mirror.  He was looking out the side window.  We both have no idea what it might feel like to not live where we are safe.

Then he said, “You know when something bad happens, like when there is a robber, you don’t have to be afraid because God is always there with you.”

I just stared.  I watched his thoughtful face and eyes and replied, “I didn’t even  begin to figure that out until I was a grown-up.  Even now, sometimes I forget and feel scared or sad.”

I wish I wouldn’t forget so easily that God is always right here with me.  And I never have to feel scared.

Then he said, “Well, also, you shouldn’t be scared in haunted houses because that isn’t even real.”

I smiled then through my watering eyes.  I love him.

20170527_103506.jpgAnd I was reminded the kids are all going to be ok.  Even though I worry I am screwing them up…that when I’m tired or crabby or impatient I catch myself saying exactly the wrong thing…they are fine.

Because they aren’t really mine.  They are God’s.

And He is always with them on their journey.  When they are scared or sad or feel pain or disappointment He is there.  He’s got them…

I just get to hold their hands and walk alongside for a little while.

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