Some days are like that…


Ugh.  Today.  I almost ran away quite a few times today.

I normally have just a few minutes to myself in the morning.  To stretch in bed.  Gather my thoughts.  Pray.  Read.  Flip through Pinterest.

But today I woke to a little head next to my bed so I had to wake quickly.  I tried to coax him in, “Want to snuggle me?” but he replied, “Ummm…want to come play in the toyroom with me?  So I did.

I tried to just notice his fresh new haircut and how it highlights his face…those ears, those brown eyes, those dimples.  I tried to notice him shirtless and covered in scabs still wearing his yellow swim bracelet from three days ago and dressed in hand-me-down Star Wars flannel pajama pants.  He is the cutest little boy!

I saw first thing in the mirror a bright red swollen spot on my cheek…acne? or spider bite?  Anyway, it looks awful.  Great.

Luke filled up the sink next to me and laughed at the bubbling sound when he let the water free.  Then I built him tower after tower with his wooden blocks and army guys in the toyroom.  I even sang Happy Birthday when we built a “cake”.

Everyone else woke slowly and shuffled down.  Ate.  Got dressed.  Pulled weeds.

And then.

The carpet guy came at 10AM.  I made them all stay out back to keep out of his way.  It may as well have been prison.  Not a shaded yard on a beautiful summer morning.  Not a yard with swings and water guns and a basketball hoop and comfy couches.  Prison.

“I’m thirsty!!  This is taking forever!!  Can I go in??  It’s too hot!!  It’s too bright to shoot baskets!!  Those wasps look angry!!”

They did have fun spraying those wasps.

Poor Lizzy fell off the patio ottoman directly onto her forehead on the concrete and has a goose egg.  She scraped her ankle on the bricks.  She fell into the muddy puddle on the basketball court at least three times.  She face-planted onto the ottoman and has a puffy lip.  Each of these was a travesty!

Then.  The carpet was wet.  They couldn’t wear shoes.  They couldn’t wear socks.  And that was HARD. So I dropped Eli at a friend’s for an afternoon movie.  I dropped Isaiah at the gym for a few hours of basketball (and sanity for both of us).

Lizzy’s only nap was for about 30 minutes in the car.  She spent most of the day shrieking.  Have I mentioned she screams?  You have to hear it to believe it.  High-pitched, blood-curdling, rattle-your-eardrums screams.

All. Day. Long.

I may develop permanent hearing loss.

We shush.  We tell her no.  We ignore.  It only produces more screams.  So today I started putting my 12 month old in time out.  She does seem to hate that.  We’ll see.


Dan left work early so we could pick up our new Suburban.  I’m officially a cool soccer mom!  Lizzy screamed the whole way home.

And that’s when it all fell apart.  Some more.

Leftovers for dinner.  Bathtime.  Isaiah needed a haircut but the outlets in the upstairs bathrooms don’t work???  Bickering.  Pillow fights.  Luke (who will spend two hours in the bathtub) didn’t want a bath and cried his eyes out.  Lizzy kept spitting up and had three different sets of pajamas (sure glad we have clean carpets).

At bedtime after reading three books to Luke and a chapter of ‘I Survived’ to James and laying next to Eli to tickle his back with Lizzy crying the whole time from her crib as a protest to bedtime, I had had enough.

Eli came out to pee.  James came out to tell me he was scared of the Annabelle movie trailer he saw this evening.  Isaiah came out to see why everyone was out of bed.

I just looked to the ceiling and pointed two index fingers in opposite directions toward everyone’s respective bedrooms and said (or shouted), “Everyone needs to just get in their beds RIGHT NOW!”

They all exchanged looks like, “Geez, mom’s crazy!  Why is she so crabby?”


I’m serious…tomorrow better be a better day or I just might be outta here.

At the very least I’m borrowing Dan’s noise cancelling headphones!!!


2 thoughts on “Some days are like that…

  1. I REALLY had to chuckle… so reminds me of “the old days. But the shrieking thing is a new twist! Hang in there; you WILL survive.


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