Swing shift…

The swing shift is killing me.  You know what I’m talking about right??  That time AFTER a regular day either working eight hours or wiping bottoms and sorting laundry for eight hours ends and BEFORE the night shift of waking up with little people who are scared or thirsty begins.  I like to call the after-school hours spent driving every child around in circles to practices THE SWING SHIFT…and it is really taking its toll.

Tonight was no exception.

Let me just preface by saying tonight was our busy night of the week and Dan was working late at a dinner meeting (and I am just going to mention that this ‘meeting’ took place at Top Golf so I’m a little skeptical that there was much work going on but that’s all I’m going to say about that).  Anyway, I was on my own getting three different kids to three different practices/games at three different times with two little people in tow.

I picked up kids after school and managed to get everyone fed and Eli off to soccer at 4pm.  There is a park right there for the little people to play so I mostly watched and chatted with another mom from the team and munched on a cookie in the shade.  Aside from a minor water bottle incident between Luke and Lizzy (and when don’t we have one of those?) destination #1 went off without a hitch.

I drove home and switched up kids and reloaded the Suburban and sped off to drop Isaiah to basketball practice by 6pm before heading back home for dinner for the rest of us (okay so it was microwaved hot dogs served on a paper plate but there were blackberries so whatever…dinner was served!).  Destination #2…check.

I shuffled kids one last time and loaded everyone up for James’s baseball game at 7pm.

And this is where things started to go south.

You see, 7pm is typically bath time and story time and getting ready for bed time but instead we were gearing up for yet another sporting event.  As we pulled in, Luke informed me that he had once again accidentally forgotten to wear shoes. When did he take those off?? And why??  You would not believe how many times Luke has shown up somewhere without shoes!!  You’d think he’d be onto the whole ‘wear shoes when you get in to the car to go somewhere’ scenario (or you would think I would remember to check).  But there he was, barefoot for the baseball game.  Oh well.  There is a lot of grass and we were already on the late side so we pressed on.  James grabbed his stuff and I finagled a barefoot Luke and tired, fussy Lizzy down to the field to a coach who exclaimed, “There you are James!  We didn’t think you were coming!  You missed the team pictures tonight!”


I just did what any sane mother does at this point and hit the Snack Shack for some candy to keep everyone quiet and happy then found a spot in the grass in the shade.  Luke found a friend about his age and they played for a bit.  James had a few hits and ran fast around the bases and I cheered.

Then Luke’s little friend started to get sassy.  And mean.  And threw pinecones at my kids.  And made them cry.  And then Lizzy had a poopy diaper.  Thank goodness the game ended!

Lizzy had reached her limit so she cried most of the way.  I circled back around to pick up Isaiah (who had been standing around outside the gym for a good 20 minutes after practice ended) and we booked it home.  At last, destination #3 was complete.

Then the mother drill sergeant in me emerged to get those five kids snacked up (as if anyone needed any more to eat!) and dressed in jammies and teeth brushed and stories read and off to bed before 9pm!!!


But then just as I turned out the last light and whispered ‘I love you, goodnight’ and closed the door to the last bedroom, I heard our dog puke on the floor.

I think I might call in sick for the swing shift tomorrow!!!

3 thoughts on “Swing shift…

  1. At my kid’s school they have this fun tradition with the 5th graders. They invite the mom’s to a Mother’s Day “Ball”. The Mom’s are asked to dress up (some wear their old prom dresses…or something similar they found at DI). Instead of a lovely afternoon ‘tea time’ with the kids, you hike up your prom dresses and play kick ball. Sometimes I’m pretty sure being mom is just a big game of kick ball in prom dresses. Round and round the bases we go; having the time of our lives (sometime being ridiculous) but always willing to do what it takes to help our kids succeed and maybe have a little laugh on the way. I love love love reading your posts and I love love love you and your cute family. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


    1. I love this analogy Amy…and I’m sorry I am just seeing it. Yes! It is a giant ridiculous game in which we run around like crazy people never really getting anywhere but having the time of our lives!!! Sounds like a fun tradition to me! And boy do I miss you. We will have to get together for a BBQ this summer for sure! Happy belated Mother’s Day!


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