This is the way…walk in it

My daughter reached the age when she wants to walk beside me at the store.

I’m constantly reminding her to keep up.

I walk along a few steps.

I turn.

I wait.

I hold out my hand.

But she’s forever veering off track. Distracted by everything she finds along the way. Slow and meandering. Forging her OWN path.

Every trip I say things like, “Come on! This way! Stick with me!” or “Honey, if you can’t walk along with me then I’m going to have to put you in the cart!” until eventually her chubby little legs run to catch up.

It occurred to me recently after an exhausting trip to the store…

I’m such a toddler in my faith.

I have such a hard time listening!! I have such a hard time keeping up!!

I’m constantly wondering if I’m on the right track.

Is THAT the way??? Over THERE??

But I want to go THIS way.

I’ve been wondering a lot lately about ‘my path.’

Have I been listening??

Have I been following Him??

Or have I been going along in my OWN direction??

So, in a long drawn out car-rambling prayer I cried like a toddler and asked,

“Lead me Lord. Show me the way. This path I’ve been walking…is it ME or is it You?? Am I just trying to forge MY OWN way?? Am I pushing for something that just isn’t for me? Maybe it’s for her and her. But is it for ME? God, can You please make it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR????

No less than one week later…

There it was.

My clear answer.

Big. And obvious.

I could see Him ahead of me on the path. Holding out His hand as if to say “See?? This is the way….walk in it. Come on! It’s for YOU!! Follow Me.”

And still.

I wondered.

I doubted.

That answer was just a coincidence. Right??

Another few weeks went by.

And along came another answer.

A little more quietly this time, but there it was all the same.

And still.

I wondered.

I doubted.

I looked over my shoulder at the old path. The known path. I looked over at that familiar safety and replied, “No, I think I’ll just go this way. I don’t think I can go that way, God. It’s too hard. And scary. Just take her.”

Until finally.


He ever-so-gently and ever-so-patiently reached down and scooped me into the cart.


And suddenly, I noticed my path.

It’s like I’m looking at it for the first time.

I’m alive.

The path is narrow and steep and rocky and I can hear the dirt crunching under our wheels as we roll along together.

It won’t be easy.

But the view is breathtaking!!!

Those little green shoots of Spring are beginning to push through the ground and brand-new buds of life decorate the tips of the trees. I hear birds and squirrels in the fuzzy green treetops overhead as the smell of evergreens and wet earth fill the air.

It is all so abundantly clear!!!

I’m breathless now. And my heart is pounding.

I can feel my fingers gripping tightly to the edges of the cart.

And I’ve never felt so sure.

I want to shout…

“I’m here! I see it!! It’s beautiful!!! And it’s just for ME. Thank You. THANK YOU!!! Oh, thank You God, for leading me. Thank You for waiting so patiently. This IS the way! I’m coming with You!!”

I am here NOW.


But tomorrow?

I’m sure, like a toddler, I’ll be down out of the cart once again. Forever veering off track. Distracted by everything I find along the way. Slow and meandering. Back to forging my OWN path.

Except now I know…

He will wait.


He will call softly back to me with His hand outstretched until eventually my chubby little legs run to catch up.

And if need be, He’ll scoop me into the cart once again and whisper,

“This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30: 21.

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