Ordinary work for the Kingdom…

I traded six figures and a fancy title for this Home Life raising kids.

Now I spend my days wiping bottoms and buying groceries and switching laundry and reading books and pushing swings and driving kids from here to there.

If I’m being honest, sometimes I’m discouraged by how small I seem next to the movers and shakers.

Sometimes I get caught up in the duties and obligations of daily life and begin to wonder…

What’s next, God?

What am I supposed to be doing here?

What’s the point?

Is this REALLY my ministry?

It all seems so small.


Then the World leans over and whispers in my ear.

‘There IS more.

More money to be made. More success to be had. More people to please.

More accolades. More achievements. More awards.

There’s more.

You should be MORE.’

And I can’t help but wonder sometimes…is the World right??

Is this enough??

Should I be MORE???

But then I pray.

I listen to God’s whispers, and I’m reminded true greatness comes through Jesus.

I don’t need recognition or praise from the World…because He says I am enough.

Loved and worthy right now. Just like this. Today.

He directs my path and fills my days.

So, I will make the daily decision to serve exactly as He asks me to…with LOVE.

And somehow I’ll believe…this ordinary little life in front of me is ENOUGH!!

Because waking kids for school and sending them off with healthy food and signed planners and silent prayers and forehead kisses looks like work for the Kingdom.

Because cleaning our home and making life easier for my family by folding laundry and preparing meals and disciplining tantrums and driving kids to soccer practice looks like work for the Kingdom.

Because encouraging my husband and doing whatever I can as his partner in life to make his day brighter and happier looks like work for the Kingdom.

Because calling a friend or bringing dinner to a neighbor or pausing long enough to look the grocery store checker in the eye with a smile looks like work for the Kingdom.

Because caring for the needs of all the people God entrusted to me and creating an atmosphere of love, forgiveness, and grace looks like work for the Kingdom.

Ordinary work for the Kingdom.

When I put Him right at the center of it all…wiping bottoms and buying groceries and switching laundry becomes about LOVE.

God’s love.

And it might seem ordinary from the outside, I suppose.

But maybe if I do my quiet, ordinary work and you do yours…perhaps one day the Kingdom really will come.

On earth as it is in heaven.

Now THAT is true greatness.




One thought on “Ordinary work for the Kingdom…

  1. I struggle in the same way almost every day. I used to work outside the home (nowhere near three figures) and a lot of people read what I wrote. I thought God was calling me to something greater so I left that job to be home with my son. Then I sit and wonder: how can this be greater? No one reads what I write. No one sees what I create. How can this be greater for the kingdom than when I had people who read what I wrote and I could impact? I guess His answer right now is – impact those around you and let the effect ripple out someday. I don’t know the final answer but your blog post helped me where I am right now so I’m glad you shared.


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