About Me

Welcome! I’m Mikala. I married my high school sweetheart 17 years ago, and I’m a (mostly) stay-at-home Family Practice doctor raising four boys and a little girl.

Maybe you’re new around here. And maybe you’re wondering…

Why Ordinary??? Isn’t that so…ordinary???

You see, several years ago I was drowning in life. My husband was hooked on drugs and in and out of rehab. I had two little boys under three. And a Family Practice residency that demanded way more of my time and energy than I could possibly give.

I remember longing to be Ordinary.

I wanted an ordinary little life in an ordinary house on an ordinary street.

I wanted a house full of kids and noise and fun so I could holler at them to hang up their bags and put their shoes away and get started on homework.

I wanted a husband who would walk in from work to everyone yelling, “Daddy’s home!” and then while I stood cooking dinner on the stove, he’d walk over behind me and wrap his arms around my waist and kiss my neck and ask about my day.


And by God’s grace…I am living the ordinary little life I always longed for. My husband is ten years clean and sober. I’m a mostly SAHM now. And I spend my days chasing kids and trying to keep my ordinary little house clean. I’m about as ordinary as they come!!

The world is shouting at us, you guys. Screaming at us to somehow be MORE.

Be more! Do more! Have more! Be the best! Ordinary is not good enough…be extraordinary!!!

And we are all exhausted. Defeated.

I want to be a voice of hope. Not for achieving better…but for embracing who we ALREADY are.

You and me and her.

Exactly as each of us are…today.

Lovely and loved. Imperfect and beautiful. Ordinary and On Purpose.

Isn’t that truly extraordinary???

I’d be so honored to have you join me…let’s be Ordinary on Purpose.